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Electrical switchboards

Electrical switchboards

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  • Universal switchboard cubicles of the US series – degree of protection IP 55
  • Universal switchboard cubicles of the UR-Z series – degree of protection IP 54
  • Stainless steel cubicles
  • TSR type switch boards
  • L type angle switchboards
  • Control and measuring pane
  • Enclosures of atypical dimensions


Depends on the type – generally the switchboards are used for common applications and for sophisticated operations in relation to working conditions and reliability (switchboards for cranes, excavators, ships, working machines, special purposes, etc). Empty US and UR universal cubicles can also be supplied.

Rated voltage

NN to 1 000 V

Maximum dimensions

height: 2 350 mm
width: 1 200 mm
depth: 800 mm

Degree of protection

IP00 – IP55 depending on the type

Instrumentation to be included in cubicle:

To customer requirements

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