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  • Starter MSR
  • Starter MSR
  • Oil starter OS13

Starters and braking resistors

The resistors are designed for starting control, speed control and controlled braking of electric ring motors or for dynamic braking of inverter-fed motors.

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The resistors are used to control start, to regulate rotations and to control braking of electric slip ring motors or for dynamic braking of motors fed from inverter. Naturally cooled modular or sectional starters and braking resistors within the range from a few watts to megawatts are developed. It is also possible to use special resistors for concrete application requirements of the customer.

Design of resistors:

  • SOV – active element is a cylinder with wound resistive wire
  • SOC – active element is a coil with wound resistive wire
  • SOP – active element is pressed sheet element
  • SOF – active element is a coil with wound resistive strip
  • R1 – active element is a meander made from resistive strip

The above resistors are used for cranes, pumps, compressors, large fans, mills and a wide range of other applications. The resistors are delivered as independent units or as complete starters with control units.

The following types of starting resistors supplied together with control units:

  • MSR – Automatic starters with forced or naturally air cooled resistor
  • OS – Automatic starters with the resistor cooled naturally in an oil tank