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ODP….P and ODP..PZ type disconnecting switches

Disconnectors are used for visible, non-executive disconnection of individual parts (sections) of the line.

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Disconnecting switches are used for visible powerless disconnection of individual parts ( sections) of the power line. Leads connected to mobile parts move during disconnection. With the ODP …PZ type disconnecting switches , the mobile contact is opened to the maximum and inserted between flexible contacts connected to the frame of the disconnecting switch. This leads the contact to be earthed (The flexible earth contacts are provided with a separate earth terminal so as a smooth ground connection can be achieved). They may be actuated either by manual or motor operated mechanism which is not a part of the disconnecting switches.


Rated voltage UNDC 1 500 V, 3 000 V
Insulation level3 kV
Operating voltage1 000 to 1 800 V, 2 000 to 4 000 V
Rated DC current IN1 000 A, 2 000 A, 3 150 A

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