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RT3/2K heating unit

The RT3/2K heater is designed to heat the passenger compartment of a tram vehicle.

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The RT3/2K heater is designed to heat the passenger compartment of a tram vehicle. It is mounted under the seat of passengers.

The heater cover is made from steel sheet protected against corrosion by means of powder painting. The color of the painting is applied in accordance with the requirements of the user. The heater design enables horizontal under seat mounting. Individual components are mounted inside the cover of the heater (fans, radiator, regulator, temperature sensor and thermal fuse) The radiator consists of three U shaped heating rods connected in series equipped with cooling radiator fins. The design of the heater ensures an almost constant air distribution inside the grill and temperature of covers up to 60°C. The maximum temperature of output air is limited by an electronic regulator, which limits the heating power with the help of regulator contact. In the case of fan failure or failure of the electronic unit, the maximum cover temperature is limited by a reversible safety fuse. The heater is connected to the external circuits with the help of self-tightening clamps, which are accessible after removing the side cover equipped with safety screws. The cover is provided with two bushings to connect power and controlling cables.


Rated heat output3 000 W
Temperature of output airabout 60 °C
Rated output voltageDC 600 V
Voltage range of outputDC 400 V – DC 870 V
Rated voltage of control circuitsDC 24 V
Voltage range of control circuitsDC 16,8 V – DC 30 V
Input of control circuits18 W
Dimensions360 × 300 × 150 mm
Weight14 kg
Degree of protectionIP20

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