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Turning on conventional center and turret lathes to a maximum diameter of 300 mm and a maximum rotating length of 500 mm.

Turning on CNC turrent lathes to a maximum diameter of 200 mm and a maximum rotating length of 500 mm. Turning of work piece to a diameter of 60 mm.

Turning on single-spindle automatic lathes to a diameter of 50 mm

Milling on conventional and NC horizontal and vertical milling machines, maximal table size 400×1600 mm.

Machining on CNC vertical and horizontal machines , maximal rotating table size – 500 mm diameter.

Drilling and thread cutting on radial drilling machines to a maximal diameter of 63 mm, thread size M 60 mm.

Cylindrical and bore grinding to a maximal external diameter of 100 mm and bore diameter of 80 mm , maximal piston length – 1000 mm.

Centerless grinding from 1.5 mm-60 mm diameter.

Face grinding – max. clamping face– 300 × 1500 mm.

Slot broaching and machining

Thread rolling to a diameter of M 20 mm.

Gear cutting using hobbing method.

Machining of insulation materials like glass fibre, hardened textile, sindanyo etc.

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