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Testing and calibration of measuring instruments in the fields of length, plane angle, electrical quantities, temperature, humidity and pressure.

Lenght measurements

  • Mechanical and digital callipers
  • Altimeters and depth gauges
  • Line scales, ruler, measuring tapes and tape rules
  • Micrometers to measure internal and external diameters, micrometer callipers, inside micrometer callipers, depth gauges, optical micrometers, mechanical and digital passameters, micro passameters
  • Dial gauges, inside callipers
  • Potentiometer wires for threads
  • Plug, calliper, thread and smooth gauges
  • Basic measuring devices, measuring devices for surface treatment, gap gauges

Angular measurements

  • Steel angles
  • Angle gauge
  • Level
  • knife ruler


  • Calibration of torque wrenches within the range of 2-500 N.m.

Electrical parameters

  • Calibration of digital volt-ohm mill ammeters
  • Calibration of DC and AC analogue instruments
  • Calibration of digital ohmmeters
  • Calibration of inspection devices
  • Calibration of high voltage sources
  • Calibration of frequency measuring devices
  • Calibration of mechanical and electronic shanks

Temperature and humidity

  • Calibration of resistor temperature gauges
  • Calibration of thermoplastic cells
  • Calibration of glass thermometers
  • Calibration of direct reading electrical and analogical thermometers
  • Calibration of furnaces for annealing and hardening at customer premises
  • Calibration of hygroscopes


  • Calibration of pressure gauges

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