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RT8/5 heating unit

The RT8/5 heating unit is designed to heat and ventilate the driver’s station of a trolleybus or tram vehicle.

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RT8/5 heating unit is used to heat and air the cabin of a trolley bus or tram driver. power is supplied from a 600 v dc ( 750 v dc) source. In the heating mode, the control circuit of the heating unit ensures gradual regulation of temperature and amount of output air. In the airing mode, the control circuit ensures gradual regulation of output air volume.

The RT8/5 heating unit consists of two independent subunits. The first subunit consists of a box for mounting under the driver’s cabin. The box consists of air-heating exchanger, fan motor, temperature sensor, fuse, terminal board, servo-drive and air distribution control. The heater cover is made from corrosion resistant steel sheet protected by polyurethane enamel coat. The color of the painting is applied in accordance with the requirements of the user.
The upper part of the box is equipped with footings for mounting the heating unit under the driver’s cabin. A special air distribution adaptor is fixed to the front cover. It is used to connect a pipe, which distributes air in the cabin. An air recirculation flap located in the air distribution system enables to distribute air between the upper and lower rows of outlet pipe. The flap can occupy three positions remotely controlled by the servo-drive. he second subunit consists of a frame with an electronic unit controlling the heating element. It consists of an electronic regulator, contactless selector switch, terminal board and circuits to control fan rotation. The driver can select function mode of the heating unit (temperature regulation, extent of airing, slight turning of flap) with the help of three selectors located on the controlling panel. The heating unit functions in the heating mode unless the temperature regulation selector is not in zero position and in the meantime, no other airing selector is activated. The temperature of the output air can be set with the help of the selector to 7 different levels within the range from 30°C to 60°C . The regulator maintains output air at constant temperature independent from airing level setting unless the maximum heating capacity is not reached. When the maximum heating capacity is reached, the temperature of output air will depend on the temperature of incoming air and on airing level setting. The fans turn on and run at maximum speed for about two minutes when the selector is switched to position “ 0” (off position), This ensures that the heat exchanger is not left at a very high temperature. In the „airing “mode, the heating unit functions unless the temperature regulation selector is not in zero position. Pomocí přepínače stupně ventilace je možné navolit otáčky motorventilátoru a tím i množství dodávaného vzduchu ve třech stupních. The speed control is done by changing the voltage on the fan motor. The heating unit consists of safety fuse. The fuse limits the temperature of the cover to a maximum of 80°C in the case of regulation failure. The failure mode is signalled by an output signal.


Rated output voltageDC 600 V (DC 750 V)
Range of operating voltagefrom DC 400 V to DC 870 V (from DC 500 to 1080 V)
Heating capacity10 kW at Un
Fan motor supply voltageAC 3x 400 V, 50 Hz (380 – 420 V)
Rated fan motor input340 W
Supply voltage of control circuitsDC 24 V (17 – 30 V)
Rated input of control circuits20 W
Output air temperaturefrom 30 to 60 °C in 7 levels
Volume of output air200, 350, 550 m3/h
Range of operating temperature-20 °C / + 40 °C
Degree of protectionIP20
Electric insulationreinforced
Weight of heating unit35 kg
Weight of frame with control unit8,5 kg

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